Clean lines, Handsome colors

Every time I go to NYC I stay in a tiny apartment. The whole stay becomes not about the city but about how I can create a system of furniture that looks good and can adapt to the needs of the user. These specific objects don’t have an obvious purpose and may have been created before Judd had accepted his foray into furniture from untitled “art”. Regardless they speak to me in the same way that delivered two Eames books to my door. Simplicity, utility, and design married into a product that caters to the user. The set of like things with subtle differences speak to the modularity that I see in our futures as we pare down our living spaces. These specific objects offer a design solution to the problem of how to create all plywood carcasses without mitering the sides to the top and bottom. Judd’s move is very modern architecture, differentiate the flats from the edges and exhibit the end grain. Suddenly, the shameful becomes the ornament.


Clean lines, Handsome colors


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